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About Holistic Storyteller

About Holistic Storyteller

Welcome, friends!

I’m Mark, and Holistic Storyteller is my passion project. It’s here because I’m passionate about helping struggling storytellers and other humans to overcome the frustrations and pitfalls that make it seem impossible to churn out the stories we love.

I know what it’s like to stare at blank screens, to beat myself up for being so afraid of something I truly love and to get so caught up with perfectly reasonable distractions that I find myself far, far from my creative goals.

That’s why I’m here to help you refocus on those stories and creative projects that you really care about. Rather than ignoring the other aspects of your life, I’ll offer suggestions, hacks and home remedies that lead to more time and energy for creativity, and to overall balance.

It wasn’t long ago that I was bouncing back and forth between “safe” 9-to-5’s and playing unwitting sponge to every secondhand stressor within a 30-mile radius. When I did allow myself to write, I lamented the brevity of my time, badmouthed myself with over-introspection and kept the cycle going to my own detriment.

Then I discovered a few ways to refocus, scale down and stay on course creatively.

That doesn’t necessarily mean life is easy all the time. I continue to discover significant challenges as I press on. Fatherhood two times over really forced me to streamline my time, as did multiple stints in the not-so-lucrative worlds of writing and education. Throw in a newly-discovered autoimmune disorder and its grab bag of accompanying challenges, and I had to make targeted efforts to streamline.

Now, I’m accepting the challenges ahead as essential components of a heroic life.

I’m learning to value both my creative endeavors and myself. And I want to help you get the same results.


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