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There may come a time in your life when online interaction with Mark Ezra Stokes just doesn’t fill the void.

…When those blogs he’s promised just aren’t churning out fast enough.

…When you yearn for more of his empathetic support.

When those times arise, take heart!

You can have your little, tangible piece of Mark Ezra Stokes right there in your own town, your village or your specific prison facility.Mark Ezra Stokes

In addition to spritzing grease on the well-oiled machine that is Holistic Storyteller, Mark Ezra Stokes enjoys giving motivational talks and writing workshops to a variety of audience types and settings. If you want him, he’ll be there.

Wait. Lemme start over.

If you want him, and you agree to pay a reasonable wage for his services, he’ll be there.

Simply fill out the form below to clarify your needs, and Mark will gladly email his rates. He doesn’t want to buy a personal jet on your dime. He has to buy a runway first, silly!

The rates we’ve calculated are built on the assumption that creative types also have worth. Rates include the anticipated expenses to get him to you in one piece, without fancy bells & whistles.

Mark’s also caught up with his shots and passport, and he’ll gleefully travel internationally if you can cover the flights.

We at Holistic Storyteller agree with you: It’s a crying shame that Mark Ezra Stokes can’t be everywhere at once. But fortunately, when he’s able to provide monetarily for his family and inspire you all at the same time, everyone wins.

In those circumstances, he can be there with you, geeking out over stories, and inspiring you & your friends to spin great tales of your own.