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Healing Smoothie: MARK’S LAST STAND

As someone who endures the ups-and-downs of an autoimmune disorder, I’ve come to anticipate the inevitable summertime cold/inflammation combo that hits me hard whenever the weather heats up. I’ve also learned to really appreciate a lot of organic ingredients that help when the pain feels unbearable. That’s the inspiration behind the healing smoothie I just whipped up in a moment of stubborn resolve.

It tastes far better than I thought it would, and I can already feel my body coming alive (though there’s a slight chance it’s just a death rattle). ENJOY!

*I’m not a doctor, though if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, I recommend leaving out the asterisked herbs below (oregano, spearment & sage).


Free healing smoothie for inflammation

A healing smoothie for the stubbornest of ailments



Blueberries (as much as you can spare)
Strawberries (same as above)
Cherries (don’t be stingy, even if the pitting is time-consuming)
Yard-grown blackberries (I’m just bragging here. Any source is fine.)
Apple juice (three or four splashes)
Undiluted organic cranberry juice (just a splash, unless you like it tart)
Coconut-almond milk (two splashes here)
Yard-grown kale (not more than a cup)
Yard-grown basil (a handful)
Yard-grown lavender blooms (pick off every other bloom of one plant)
Yard-grown oregano* (handful)
Yard-grown spearmint* (handful)
Yard-grown pineapple sage* (handful)
4 whole turmeric roots (throw ’em in whole to avoid yellow fingertips)
3 garlic cloves, husked (Mmm…)
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper (Trust me!)
1 tsp organic honey
1 tsp coconut oil
crushed ice (for texture)

1. Blend all together on HIGH for one minute.

2. Drink entire contents of blender, reminding yourself that “it’s not that bad.” (In fact, mine was surprisingly delicious!)

3. Regret that you drank the entire contents of the healing smoothie so fast before reading this step. (Slow and steady wins the race.)

3. Wait out the stubborn summer plague with this, your final reminder that you mean business.

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Happy Healing!


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