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Hope never dies without your consent

Storm clouds & hope

Hope never dies without your consent.

The most resonant of heroes are spawned in the direst of circumstances.

As you wake up to election results today, you may feel betrayed by the world you thought you knew.

Many of you rightly feel marginalized, vulnerable & alone.

Though I’m embarrassed to ask, as so much has been asked of you during this election season, I ask you to be strong.

Know that — just as your personal narrative has taken a turn that you might’ve not expected — so, too, have the narratives of strangers taken turns as well. The children in our households who sense the pain of divisiveness with fresh & innocent eyes. The disenfranchised and undervalued, who seek out new allies in the face of the obstacles ahead. The heteros, the whites, the males — who suddenly see our privilege as an ill-fitting tool only valuable when wielded against the broken systems that equipped us. These narratives, too, have just begun in a way that wasn’t possible before.

The human race needs you to be strong, whether it realizes it or not. To be compassionate where compassion is scarce. To be the specifically-minded hero you never considered becoming until now. Find strength in the newly-awakened purpose that ignites in the face of anxiety.

May your journey today be approached with seriousness, with a focus on the essentials, and with the forward movement it takes to survive, no matter the obstacles in your path.

May each of you thrive. May you emerge stronger today, rising from the ashes of uncertainty — no matter your race, your religion or your sexual orientation.

You. Are. Valuable. …Always.

That value remains in the face of struggle. It’s an unwavering truth in the midst of the jeering masses or side-eying neighbors.

You are a valuable member of the human race, and EVERY. SINGLE. ONE of you has the potential to do good when empowered by the truth of your worth.

Many emotions flood America today. The empath in me finds it excruciating. I encourage you to feel those emotions nonetheless. Many relationships remain shattered. Acknowledge that relationships must change, and press on. Accept these shifts as real and necessary, and transcend the reality of your present circumstances.

You are the protagonist — the “first struggler” of your story.

Struggle with purpose. Struggle boldly. Struggle strategically, with a keen awareness of which battles hold actual relevance to your quest.

You — with your intrinsic value & beauty — will be better for it.

The world will be better for it. Whether or not they want it (or deserve it), you are exactly the solution to the reality we find today.

Quest boldly, you beautiful and valuable soul.

Your adventure begins the moment you refuel that ever-present hope within.










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