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I Quit My Job Today

I Quit My Job

I quit my job.

In fact, I’m packing it all up today, biting my lip while ignoring the Boyz II Men soundtrack in my head, and leaving the 9-to-5 lifestyle behind. Though I’ve dog-eared many relationships and experiences worth holding onto from the last few years, I quit my job to start a pivotal new chapter of my life.

For nearly three years, I’ve had the unique privilege of teaching some tremendously inspiring teens with autism. Many days, the job allowed me to use storytelling itself as a therapeutic, universal language, regardless of each student’s level of comprehension or ability. And yet, in a strategic attempt to better serve my family, my health and you, the Holistic Storyteller tribe, I quit my job.

The Universality of Transitions

Our lives are filled with abrupt halts and dramatic shifts, and yet they continue to shock and shape us in resonant ways. These pivotal moments are what drive the conflict in our stories as well. Often, they’re the result of external events setting off an internal decision. In stories, the most dramatic shift for your character comes at the beginning of his/her journey. If you’ve studied Joseph Campbell or watched the first of any Star Wars trilogy, you know this to be true.

The hero starts out not-so-heroic. He’s often a complacent participant in someone else’s story, and he’s jolted into a new environment very unlike his own. He has the frightening opportunity to help someone in need, but it requires him to make a significant change in his overall worldview. This usually forces him out of the peaceful village & ideologies he’s known his whole life. It’s a common story, told for longer than written words have been formed. That doesn’t make the abrupt halt any less surreal for our heroes, or less surreal for me as I box up my career today.

Change Requires Action

I’ve been consciously burning the midnight oil for well over a year to enact this change today. As a father and a husband, I knew I could provide more for my family–both in income and in my presence. As someone with intensifying chronic pain, I realized my physical presence at a workplace was not something I could guarantee on a daily basis. I knew I’d need to shift my understanding of employment if I was going to affect the world in the ways I really wanted.

I decided I desperately needed to learn the practical side of existence. The Internet Business Mastery Academy was my particular salvation in this regard. Its founders, Jeremy & Jason, gave me the confidence to package my skills, to stand on my own two feet, and to scale my income and influence.

Many bleary-eyed nights, I failed miserably at meeting my side-gig goals. To be honest, it was most nights, at first, that I couldn’t reach the high standards I had placed for myself. But that determination to plow through self-doubt, to ride out pity parties and to acknowledge failure as vital to the process, got me closer to the greater goal of self-employment.

Like any hero of his or her own narrative, I’m now awkwardly affixing a new vocational mask that’s been hiding behind a wide array of other roles for many, many years. More proudly than ever, I wear the mask of a storyteller.

How I Was Able to Quit

For the time being, the bulk of my income comes from social media marketing, management & consultation. Turns out, my obsession with telling great stories translates very well into the world of marketing. I take the social media accounts of a business, and I do all the time-consuming work of strategically building both their customers and their revenue. If you could use that help, follow this link. I find tremendous joy in helping business owners tell dynamic narratives for their own businesses.

I also pay the bills through my public appearances. My most requested services are my screenwriting workshops, in which I condense more than ten years of teaching the craft into two-hour, all-day or all-weekend interactive workshops and/or lectures. These have been tailored to every age group imaginable, and I’ll offer them regularly this year in Southeast Georgia. Do let me know if you’d like me to branch out into your area.

Lately, I’ve been giving more and more motivational speeches to a wide array of audiences. If you’re looking for a speaker, I’d be thrilled to geek out with you and help your audience find a clear path amidst the many life-altering choices available. My passport is up-to-date, and no location is too far or too exotic. Did I mention how much I love international food?

Another stream of income comes from short-term contracts on film sets or as a consultant. I’ll be able to do these more frequently since my work responsibilities no longer tie me down to a specific location.

I also generate income through affiliate links. Pat Flynn, another of my entrepreneurial lifelines, has a good breakdown of affiliate marketing here. Essentially, though, when I try a product or service that I really believe in, I sign up for an affiliate program if they’ve got it. This means if a reader follows that link (such as my earlier link to the Internet Business Mastery Academy) and she buys that product or service, I get a small portion of those sales. It works well when the affiliate truly believes in what he’s directing you toward. You have my word that I’ll only recommend something that has actually helped me in some tangible way. I showcase some of my affiliates on my Resource Page, which continues to grow with time.

What to Expect in This New Chapter

Those are the income-generating paths that allow me to keep Holistic Storyteller up and running. By giving it my full-time attention, I can devote more energy to providing more helpful downloads, dynamic interviews, guest blogs and a few other surprises I can’t wait to share with you. Seriously, I’m very, very excited to roll out the next phase of storytelling help. But more on that particular element later.

For now, help me to embark on this new chapter of our relationship. Join the conversation either in the comments section below or on Twitter. Send me a message to let me know your biggest frustrations that hold you back from the creative ecstasy you desire. If you like any particular blog post, share it to your heart’s content through as many social media channels as you can get your hands on. If you haven’t already, sign up for my newsletter below so you can get exclusive story tips.

Now that I’ve quit my job, I’m eager to embark on this journey with you. I’m tremendously grateful for your help in writing a compelling new chapter for our shared lives.

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