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Reclusive Writer Emerges!

Reclusive Writer Emerges to Share New Screenwriting Workshops!

Okay, I admit it. I’ve really grown fond of this whole virtual lifestyle in which I exist more online than I do in any one tangible place in the world. There’s one thing I love, though, that I haven’t been able to recreate yet on the Internet. That one thing? Screenwriting workshops.

Poised for Screenwriting

A few years back, I led these exhaustive, 3-hour screenwriting workshops for adults. Some of you were there. It was magical, ending up as some of the most fulfilling, adrenaline-flooded work I’ve ever done. I was totally in my element, being fortunate enough to orchestrate some incredible moments of creative insight. But then the rotation ended, and more bills needed to be paid. After that, I couldn’t seem to find the time to get back to the workshops… until now!

Say Whaaa…?

Now is the perfect time to bring back my screenwriting workshops. Yes indeedy, it’s true! But it’s not gonna be just the same-ole, same-ole that you enjoyed before. Where’s the fun in that?

Before, these workshops focused broadly on scriptwriting, with more direct focus on writing for film. Now, I’ve optimized the whole shebang. I’ve taken more than 10 years worth of classes I’ve taught and really niched it down to its most effective form yet.

If you’re interested in learning how to write movies for the first time, these classes are for you. Maybe you know the ropes and simply want to beef up your screenwriting chops. Well, these classes are for you! Here’s what’s even cooler: I’m not preaching the usual “You’ve gotta move to Hollywood” shtick that West Coast nude emperors have been shouting for years. It didn’t ring true back when I was a student, and it sure as heck isn’t true today.

Instead, I teach you how to take your screenwriting career in your own hands and build your stories from the ground up. I help you tell the stories you want to tell, sidestepping the self-proclaimed gatekeepers who don’t have to hold any sway over you. This is screenwriting in the digital age. It’s writing movies in a post-corporate era, where entrepreneurial minds can move the masses!

The Workshops

My workshops are offered on Saturdays (once a month for now). They’re starting out in my favorite film community: Savannah, GA. On workshop day, I’ll teach one 3-hour class in the morning, one in the early afternoon, and one in the late afternoon until that night. It sounds exhausting, but these things are so energizing. I end up chatting away with eager students long after we’ve locked up the building.

That’s why I’m incorporating another new element this go-round: Every student who completes at least one of my workshops will be added to a private mastermind group for Holistic Storyteller screenwriting students. As I take these workshops to different locales, your mastermind group will grow, offering you like-minded, passionate screenwriters to encourage and aid you for the rest of your life.

The Workshop Sequence

Each day of workshops follows a purposeful sequence to help you grow as a writer. The first workshop of the day will be a part of my “Shoulder-mounted Screenwriting” series. It’s based on the idea that we can learn immensely when standing on the shoulders of giants. In this case, the giants are long-dead forefathers who’ve discovered foundational truths that forever changed how we tell stories.

The second course of the day is an intentionally introspective “Holistic Storytelling” workshop. It takes truths about storytelling and points to the writers themselves. This workshop gives each writer the prompts and nonjudgmental space to work through their own personal hangups & obstacles.

The final workshop of the day is one of my “Screenwriting Wizardry” courses. These classes offer more advanced technical lessons that will improve your screenplays. Of the workshops offered, the “Screenwriting Wizardry” workshop offers more screenwriting-specific content, whereas the earlier workshops present information also relevant to other forms of writing.

Each course I teach is designed to be self-contained. Anyone can take one course without absolutely requiring a previous course for it to make sense. However, should you choose to take all three classes in a day, you can enjoy an intentional connective thread that weaves throughout each workshop within that particular day. (You also get a discount for signing up for all three.)

When Is It?

My first classes are offered on Saturday, September 17th, in midtown Savannah.

“Understanding Classical Structure” will be offered 9 a.m-noon. After that, 12:30-3:30 p.m., comes “Finding the Writer’s Voice,” followed by “Speaking the Language of Film” from 4 until 7 p.m.

Register now!

Screenwriting Workshop

Because these courses include in-class writing exercises & workshopping, I’m limiting the amount of people who can be in each one. Snag a spot now if you’re interested, because they won’t be available for long. And if you want a specific friend to get in the class before that jerk you know signs up, share this post enthusiastically with your friends!

Reserve your spot in the screenwriting workshops here. This time around, I’m only accepting registration through PayPal, even though it means giving up a cut of my earnings. I’ve found that most students who pay in advance make a more conscious effort to a.) show up and b.) try their best to get their money’s worth. This phenomenon provides statistically better results in the long run, which means I can sleep better at night knowing I truly helped you.

If you’re not in the Savannah area, I’d love to get around to your growing film community. Simply shoot me a message to let me know what you need. If you can find 10 eager friends interested in screenwriting, I’ll work my hardest to make things happen for you.

I love the joys of running a business from home, interacting mostly just online. (I’m particularly fond of Holistic Storyteller’s “No pants in the home office” policy.) Getting to help aspiring filmmakers tell better stories from the ground up, though? That’s well worth emerging from the wilds to accomplish.

I’ll see you in class!









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