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The following resources & products are what I personally use to benefit my creative life. Each of them has made me a better storyteller. I wholeheartedly endorse them all:

The Internet Business Mastery Academy

The Internet Business Mastery Academy

This crash course in online entrepreneurship is why Holistic Storyteller exists. However, it’s not just your run-of-the-mill get-rich-quick scheme. I’ve always been leery of those. The Academy provides actionable steps toward discovering your singular passion & building a profitable, fulfilling business around it. I used to avoid talk of business & finance like the plague. If The Academy worked for a guy like me, chances are it’ll work for you.


Aweber is my provider of choice when it comes to online marketing. Its done wonders when it comes togetting out the Holistic Storyteller newsletter. The nuts-and-bolts of online newsletters once confounded me until I signed up for Aweber. Turns out, it’s so easy. And so professionally-designed.

The 4-Hour Workweek

The 4-Hour Workweek

Like many other online business owners, I was inspired by Tim Ferriss’ masterpiece for entrepreneurs. This was the shot heard round the online business world. If you think you might want to unplug from the cubicle, it’s a pretty great place to start. The book is chock-full of helpful formulas for transitioning, automating & scaling. The real-life case studies help you to push through the initial hard work. I can certainly say it’s worth it!

The Writer’s Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers

by Christopher Vogler

Resources - The Writer's Journey

In grad school, I picked up The Writer’s Journey as a requirement. It brought Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey alive for me as a modern storyteller. It also provided an impactful reminder that we are all heroes at a specific point in an overarching journey. This book really changed the way I looked at inevitable “failures,” and it made storytelling fun again. What’s more, it works well as a self-help book, a side effect that Vogler told me was totally intentional.

The Screenwriter’s Bible

by David Trottier

Resources - The Screenwriter's Bible

The Screenwriter’s Bible has been my go-to text from the start when it comes to understanding screenplay format and what to do with a completed script. I haven’t found a better, more exhaustive look at building a screenwriting career. Trottier’s one of those guys who’s so kind & personable, you can’t help but hang on his every word.

Understanding Comics

by Scott McCloud

Resources - Understanding Comics

Understanding Comics is a graphic-novel-as-textbook that powerfully breaks down the language of comic books and its rich history from pre-literate cultures. Then, it throws in some quantum physics and really brings light to some pretty heavy abstract concepts. I highly recommended it if you plan on telling any story in any imaginable format. It’s that good. McCloud is a genius in the most non-hyperbolic sense.

Reinventing Comics

by Scott McCloud

Resources - Reinventing Comics

A follow-up graphic novel/textbook to Understanding Comics, this book really helps creative types to think outside the box. It equips its readers to lead trends in our particular circles rather than simply following them. You’ll want this book if liked the first, or if you want a fresh angle on entrepreneurship.

Making Comics

by Scott McCloud

Resources - Making Comics

McCloud’s final installment in his inimitable trilogy focuses more on the craft of comics than anything else. Inside, it breaks down all the choices we as artists have in telling sequential stories. Dude, get all three books! Each one just made me more ravenous for the next.

A Complaint Free World

by Will Bowen

Resources - A Complaint Free World

A Complaint Free World has nothing to do with the craft of storytelling per se, but it has done so much to de-clutter my brain. I have to add it to this list, because I find myself reading it at least once a year. Though I used to fancy myself an optimist, Will’s book helped reshape my thoughts away from surprisingly-frequent pity parties. Not exclusive to any one religious or ideological viewpoint, this book will affect you and those around you.



Okay, I absolutely love littleBits. My son and I stumbled upon these brilliant little wonders at a local STEM Fest, and I’m totally sold on the concept: Magnetized circuits that provide a safe, hands-on introduction to inventing, engineering and endless creativity. Wanna take your art installation to the next level? Check out littleBits. I’ve never seen a better marriage between both hemispheres of the brain. It’s perfect for finding creative solutions to a diverse field of problems.